What is WHOIS?

WHOIS is a way to determine who owns a specific website or domain name. It is like a phone book for websites, where you can find the contact information of the person or organization that owns the website. This information can help contact the website owner, find out a site’s registration date or if a website has expired, or if you want to see if a website is available to be registered. WHOIS is a way to get information about a domain name or website ownership and registration details.

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What is in a Whois record?

A WHOIS lookup for a domain name will typically provide the following information:

  • Registrant’s name: the person or organization that owns the domain name.
  • Registrant’s organization: the name of the organization with which the registrant works or is affiliated.
  • Registrant’s information: includes the registrant’s address, phone number, and email address.
  • Domain name server (DNS) information: This includes the names of the DNS servers responsible for resolving the domain name to an IP address.
  • Creation date: date of the first registration of the domain name.
  • Expiration date: the date by which domain name registration expires.
  • Status: The current status of the domain name (e.g., active, expired, suspended, etc.).
  • Registrar: The company or organization that registered the domain name on behalf of the registrant.
  • Administrative, Technical, and Billing Contacts: WHOIS record also includes contact information for administrative, technical, and billing contacts for the domain name.

How to Check .pk WHOIS

To check the WHOIS information for a .pk domain, you can use the tool above to check for whois information. You can enter the domain name (e.g., example.pk), and it will display the registrant’s contact information, such as name, organization, email, and address.

Domain nameservers, domain registration, and expiration dates are the only information the PKNIC registry provides. Registrant name and contact information, or technical or administrative information, is withheld.

WHOIS Lookup: Things to Watch out For

  1. Privacy: A WHOIS lookup may not be accurate or complete, as registrants may conceal (Privacy Protection) or provide false information on their WHOIS records.
  2. GDPR: Due to GDPR and other privacy laws, some of the information in WHOIS records may be hidden or replaced by contact details of privacy protection service providers.
  3. Inaccuracy: WHOIS lookup data can be inaccurate or outdated because registrants may need to update their contact information when it changes.
  4. Limitations on certain TLDs: Some TLDs likeĀ .pk whois have limitations on WHOIS lookup, as they may not provide complete information and only provide certain request information.
  5. Limited access: WHOIS lookup is unavailable for all TLDs, and some have limited access to their WHOIS servers.
  6. Spam and Scam: WHOIS information can be used by spammers to create targeted spam campaigns, and scammers may use the information to impersonate legitimate domain name owners.
  7. Limited to domain names: WHOIS lookup is limited to domain names and does not provide information about IP addresses or network infrastructure.