Dedicated servers are best for highly resource extensive ecommerce, streaming media websites, application that requires custom software installation or if your site has outgrown so much that a normal shared or a VPS server is no more capable to handle your site.

In addition to above dedicated servers are ideal for customers who require a hosting solution that is secure, reliable and customizable both in terms of hardware and software. With dedicated server you can have complete command over your server and provide you with much more disk space / bandwidth resources.

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ProcessorCoresCPUsSpeedIPsMemoryHard Drive OS Monthly Fee Configure
Intel Dual-Core Atom211.6 Ghz51 GB250 GBWindows / LinuxPKR Rs. 8,500/moConfigure & Order
Core2Duo213.0 Ghz51 GB250 GBWindows / LinuxPKR Rs. 12,000/moComing Soon!
Xeon E3-1230413.2 Ghz516 GB250 GBWindows / LinuxPKR Rs. 16,900/moComing Soon!
Core2Quad412.5 Ghz51 GB250 GBWindows / LinuxPKR Rs. 19,700/moComing Soon!
Core i7-930412.8 Ghz54 GB250 GBWindows / LinuxPKR Rs. 22,500/moComing Soon!
Core i7-2600412.8 Ghz54 GB250 GBWindows / LinuxPKR Rs. 24,200/moComing Soon!
2 x Quad-Core422 Ghz58 GB250 GBWindows / LinuxPKR Rs. 30,500/moComing Soon!
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With our high performance dedicated servers you get the additional option of fully managed support at affordable prices. All the servers are connected with 1Gbps ethernet connections with the best switching and routing hardware to deliver you maximum speed and scalability.