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  • Updated on 07-May-2024
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How to Manage Greylisting for Your Emails in cPanel:

What is Greylisting:

Greylisting in cPanel is an email filtering technique designed to combat spam by temporarily rejecting emails from unknown senders. This method leverages the behavior of mail servers to distinguish between likely spam and legitimate emails. Let's break down how to enable or disable this feature to enhance your email deliverability and security.

How It Effectively Works:

  1. Identification: When an email arrives, greylisting checks three key pieces of information (the triplet): the sender's IP address, the sender's email address, and the recipient's email address.
  2. Initial Rejection: If the combination is unrecognized, the email is temporarily rejected with a message indicating the sender should try again later.
  3. Retrial and Acceptance: Legitimate email servers will retry sending the email after a delay. When the email is resent, greylisting recognizes the triplet and allows the email through.

To Enable Greylisting:

  1. Log into Your cPanel Account: Start by accessing your cPanel. This is often done through your hosting provider's customer portal or by navigating to

  2. Navigate to the Email Section: Look for the "Email" section once you're logged in. It's your central hub for all email-related settings and tools. configure greylisting

  3. Find "Configure Greylisting": Inside the Email section, there should be an option labeled "Configure Greylisting," "Email Deliverability," or a similar term. The exact wording might vary based on your cPanel version. click on configure greylsting in email accounts option

  4. Enable Greylisting: Here, you'll see a list of your domains. Select the domain you wish to enable Greylisting for and click the "On" button or toggle. Enabling this feature starts the process of temporarily rejecting emails from new senders to deter spam. click the option on to enable configure greylsting

To Disable Greylisting:

  1. Log into Your cPanel Account: Access your dashboard through the appropriate URL or your hosting provider's interface.

  2. Go to the Email Section: The "Email" section on your cPanel dashboard is where you'll find settings to manage your email configurations.Email Accounts option

  3. Select "Configure Greylisting": Look for the Greylisting option, under labels like "Configure Greylisting" or "Email Deliverability."click on configure greylsting in email accounts option

  4. Disable Greylisting: Locate your domain in the list and click the "Off" button or toggle. Turning Greylisting off stops the temporary rejection of emails, allowing all messages to directly reach your inbox. click off configure greylsting in email accounts option

Benefits to Apply Greylisting:

  • Spam Reduction: Significantly cuts down on spam by exploiting the fact that most spam servers will not bother retrying to send an email after an initial rejection.
  • Resource Efficiency: Uses minimal resources compared to more complex spam filtering methods, as it relies on simple logic and does not require maintaining extensive databases or patterns of spam.
  • Improved Security: By adding an initial screening layer, greylisting can reduce the load on more resource-intensive spam filters and decrease the chance of spam emails reaching users' inboxes.
  • Automatic Whitelisting: Once a sender's information is recognized as legitimate, subsequent emails bypass the greylisting process, ensuring timely delivery of emails from known contacts.

Things to Consider

  • Impact on Spam: While Greylisting is effective at reducing spam by delaying emails from unknown sources, it might inadvertently delay legitimate emails as well.
  • Adjust Settings as Needed: It's wise to periodically review and adjust your Greylisting settings, especially if you're expecting time-sensitive emails that could be affected.
  • Check Other Email Settings: Alongside Greylisting adjustments, take a moment to review your overall email delivery and spam protection settings in cPanel for optimal email management.
Info! The steps to manage Greylisting can vary slightly depending on your cPanel version or hosting provider. If you're having trouble or if Greylisting isn't available, don't hesitate to contact your hosting provider for support.
Greylisting is just one of many tools available to control your email flow. For businesses looking to further professionalize their email services, consider exploring our professional email hosting solutions.
Success! By understanding and utilizing Greylisting in cPanel, you're taking a significant step towards better managing your emails and protecting your inbox from spam.
If you encounter any issues or have further questions, please don't hesitate to open a support ticket or use the LiveChat feature for immediate assistance.

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