WordPress Troubleshooting – How to Fix the Parse Error: Syntax Error, Unexpected Print

  • Updated on 07-May-2024
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If you see a parse error like “Parse error: syntax error, unexpected” on your WordPress pages or in the WP admin area. The first step we need to do is to check the complete error line for clues as to what is causing the error. Also, you can check the error log file because parse error messages usually provide information about the line number where the error occurred. The error line offers valuable information about the cause of the error, so we need to find the line number indicated in the parse error message and look for the corresponding line in the PHP script file.

Once we have determined the cause of the parse error, we can start to fix it. Here are a few techniques you can use to fix this error:

  • Check for typos and syntax errors: If you have made any changes in the PHP code, the most likely issue is some coding error. To fix it, check the line number indicated in the parse error message and look for typos or syntax errors.
  • Applying Correct PHP Version: When syntax errors appear after you update the PHP version, your current code is most likely incompatible with the PHP version you have updated. You can revert the PHP version to fix the problem.

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  • Update plugins and themes: Updating to the latest version can resolve the issue if a plugin or https://www.hosterpk.com/kbimages/how-to-upgrade-or-change-your-sites-php-version-in-cpanel/theme causes the parse error. You can check for updates in the WordPress admin panel under the Plugins or Themes sections.

If the solutions outlined above fail, don’t hesitate to contact our support; we can help you fix this problem.

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