How to Resolve the "HTTP Error 404.3 - Not Found" by Adding a MIME Type in Plesk Print

  • Updated on 07-May-2024
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Encountering an "HTTP Error 404.3 - Not Found" can be frustrating, especially when trying to download files that are not supported by IIS by default e.g. .apk from your server. This error typically occurs when the server does not recognize the file extension, often due to a missing MIME (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions) type configuration. This knowledgebase article guides you through adding a MIME type in Windows Plesk on a shared server to resolve this issue.

Understanding MIME Types: MIME types are used by web servers to understand how to handle different types of files. When a MIME type is not configured for a particular file extension, the server might not serve the file correctly, resulting in errors like 404.3.


You will need to be Plesk administrator user to perform this action.


Step-by-Step Guide to Add a MIME Type in Plesk:

  1. Log into Plesk Panel: Access your Plesk control panel by navigating to your Plesk server's URL and entering your login credentials.

  2. Navigate to Websites & Domains: Find and click on the "Websites & Domains" tab once logged in. This is where you can manage settings for your hosted websites.

  3. Select Your Domain: Choose the domain you are configuring from the list of domains if you have multiple domains hosted.

  4. Access IIS Settings: In the domain management area, locate and click "IIS Settings". Depending on your Plesk version, this option may be under "Advanced Settings".

  5. Add New MIME Type: In the IIS Settings, find the option to add a new MIME type. Enter the file extension .apk and its corresponding MIME-type application/

  6. Save Your Changes: Make sure to save the changes you have made. This action updates the server's configuration to recognize and correctly handle .apk files.

  7. Testing: After saving, test the configuration by attempting to download an .apk file from your website. The file should now be downloadable without the 404.3 error.


  • Your hosting provider might have restrictions if you cannot find the necessary settings. Contact their support team for assistance.
  • Administrative privileges are required for these changes. Ensure you have the appropriate permissions.

Conclusion: Following these steps, you can successfully add a MIME type for .apk files in your Windows Plesk environment, resolving the "HTTP Error 404.3 - Not Found" issue. This allows for properly handling and downloading these files from your server.

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