How to install Joomla! on my Hosterpk hosting account Print

  • Updated on 07-May-2024
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 1. Open the Hosterpk cPanel for your domain

2. Search for and open Softaculous

3. On the Softaculous page, Look for the Joomla icon, to proceed with the installation.

    • select the latest version of Joomla! click on the “Install Now” button to start the installation process.
    • Choose the version of Joomla! you want to install (if multiple versions are available).
    • Select the domain or subdomain where you want to install Joomla!
    • Choose the directory where you want to install Joomla! (usually, leave this blank to install in the root directory).
    • Set a name and description for your Joomla! website.
    • Enter an admin username, password, and email address. Make sure to choose a strong password for security.

4. Click install

That’s it! You have successfully installed Joomla! You can log in to the backend of your site at using the Admin Username and Password you specified above.

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