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How to Fix Users Unable to Access Terminal Due to CageFS_Enter Error in cPanel


cPanel is a widely used web hosting control panel that simplifies website management. However, users may encounter issues that disrupt its functionality. One such issue is the inability to access the Terminal after uninstalling CloudLinux. This article will explain the symptoms, the underlying cause, and the workaround to resolve this issue effectively.


After CloudLinux is uninstalled, cPanel users may find themselves unable to access the Terminal. When attempting to open the Terminal, they encounter a cagefs_enter error. This error prevents users from utilizing the Terminal for command-line operations, hindering their ability to manage the hosting environment effectively.

Warning! If you're seeing the `cagefs_enter` error, it indicates a conflict within your server setup that needs immediate attention.


The root cause of this issue is the presence of leftover packages from CloudLinux, specifically the lve-wrappers package. CloudLinux enhances server security and stability with its Lightweight Virtual Environment (LVE). However, when CloudLinux is uninstalled, not all components are automatically removed. The residual lve-wrappers package conflicts with cPanel’s normal operations, particularly affecting the Terminal functionality.


To resolve this issue, you need to remove the lve-wrappers package. This can be accomplished by executing a command in the server’s command line interface. Here are the steps to fix the problem:

Detailed Steps to Remove lve-wrappers Package:

1. Log into the Server:
- Open your preferred SSH client (such as PuTTY, Terminal, or any other SSH tool).
- Enter your server’s IP address and port number.
- Log in using your root credentials.

2. Execute the Removal Command:
- Once logged in, type the following command:

yum remove lve-wrappers
- Press Enter. The system will prompt you to confirm the removal of the package.
- Confirm the removal by typing `y` and pressing Enter.

3. Restart cPanel:
- To restart cPanel services, execute the following command:

service cpanel restart
- This command ensures that cPanel services are refreshed and the changes take effect.

Success! By removing the `lve-wrappers` package and restarting cPanel services, you should regain full access to the Terminal.


Uninstalling CloudLinux can sometimes leave behind packages that cause conflicts with cPanel, leading to issues like the `cagefs_enter` error when accessing the Terminal. By removing the `lve-wrappers` package, you can resolve this conflict and restore full functionality to your cPanel Terminal. Following the steps outlined above will help you quickly address the issue and maintain a smoothly running hosting environment. Always ensure to follow proper procedures when modifying server configurations to avoid unintended disruptions.

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