Recently we are seeing some users use NULLED or Pirated themes or plugins for their wordpress sites. These plugins and themes are actually paid scripts, but available freely and illegally on the internet.

It is advised that you do not use these as in almost all cases these contain malicious code, which results in website hacking / sending spam / other similar related activities.

As a result we are forced to suspend the accounts.

Why these nulled themes / plugins should not be used:
  1. Before using any Nulled Theme and Plugin on your WordPress Blog, just ask a simple question to yourself- Why anyone will give you a Premium theme for Free whose actual cost is $20-$1000(Just a consideration)? 
  2. The sites like Torrent and others which are providing Nulled Version of Premium themes and Plugins never ask you Pay. It’s because they add their malware or hacking script. As i informed you earlier, these scripts are very difficult to find so you can’t remove them from your file easily.
  3. In 80 out of 100 cases, Nulled version of premium themes contains script which give do-follow backlink to the developer’s website without your permission. In rest 20 cases, these scripts can send your important credentials like Admin username and password to developers which can be really destructive.
  4. When you purchase any premium Theme or Plugin, you get Life Time support which means, the developer team will assist you in case of problem. You won’t get such facility with Nulled Themes and Plugins.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

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