As we are aware that the USD to PKR exchange rate has increased from PKR 105 on December 2017 (when the last PKR pricing were updated on our site) to now at around PKR 120.

As all our servers / vps / ssl certificates / domains purchases are directly billed in USD so whenever PKR falls we are directly hit with higher pricings, as a result we have to adjust this in PKR pricing. You should see our new hosting pricings on our website and domain pricings here.

Please note that our actual USD pricing has remained the same since 2009 (e.g. USD 17.34 for Plan I). We only changed the PKR pricing from time to time (usually once a year) to match this value in PKR.

Recently the USD to PKR exchange rate is changing a lot so we are moving to a USD based pricing but the will still show the matching PKR pricing as well. This will mean there are no sudden pricing increases going forward and also if the USD to PKR exchange rate goes down, the PKR pricing will be lowered automatically as well.

We thank you for your cooperation and appreciate your understanding.

We would love your thoughts and suggestions, so please use the comments box below to voice your thoughts.

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