The domain is the top-level domain (TLD) for Pakistan’s official government websites. The Pakistan Network Information Center (PKNIC) manages and operates the domain, the organization responsible for managing all domain registrations under the .pk ccTLD.

The domain is reserved for government departments, ministries, or agencies at Pakistan’s federal levels. The domain is used for official government websites that provide information about government policies, services, etc.

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Certain requirements must be met if you are a government department or agency in Pakistan and wish to register a domain name. These requirements include:

Registered Govt. Entity: Only registered government entities can register for a domain name. These entities include government departments, ministries, and federal, provincial, and local agencies.

Authorization Letter: A formal authorization letter from the head of the organization or department must be provided to PKNIC. This letter must be on the official letterhead of the department or agency and must be signed by the authorized representative of the organization. This authorization letter must be on the original official stationary/letterhead (no photocopies or laser-printed letterheads will be accepted)

CNIC Copy: To verify the identity of the person making the registration request, a copy of the authorized representative’s (CNIC) must also be provided.

Domain Name: The domain name must be related to the entity that is registering it and must comply with the PKNIC domain name policies.

Once these requirements are met, the entity can register for a domain name through the PKNIC website. The registration process typically takes a few days to complete, and the entity will be notified once the registration is complete.

The domain is reserved for use by government departments, ministries, and agencies at the federal levels in Pakistan. To register for a domain name, the entity must meet certain requirements, including being a registered government entity, providing an authorization letter, submitting a CNIC copy, selecting an available domain name, and paying the registration fee.


How to Register Domain Name

You can register any Pk domain name Extension (.pk,,, etc.) through HosterPK. To buy and register .pk domain for your local business, you need to follow the following steps for pk domain registration::

Step 1: Choose a domain name: Enter the domain name for your govt department:

Check .GOV.PK Availability Below:

For more info please email at: [email protected], or call: 051-8736477, 051-8950184, 051-8950185

Step 2: Go through the Order Steps: Go through the order process to complete the order. This should not take more than a few minutes.

Step 3: Provide Domain Registration Information: While providing the domain registration information for the domain, please make sure to provide the details like the Company Name, Address of the Govt entity for which you want to register the domain name, along with the email id of the authorized person.

Step 4: Pay the Registration Fee: The last step is to pay the invoice once your order is placed.

Step 5: Send PKNIC the required Documents: Once your invoice is generated and paid, we will request provisional registration with the PKNIC. The provisional registration request is temporary, and once you have completed all the requirements outlined above for the domain registration, please courier the documents to the following address:

PKNIC Collection
435 Tariq Block, Garden Town
Lahore. Pakistan

Once your documentation is verified, the registry activates the domain name.


We are a Provincial Govt Entity. Is there any possibility of registering a domain?

The PKNIC registry does not allow provincial-level departments to register GOV.PK domains may allow some leeway for provincial-level departments to register a .GOV.PK domains if they meet certain criteria, such as:

  • Proving a legitimate requirement for the domain: The provincial level department must show a legitimate need for a .GOV.PK domain and explain how it will be used.

  • Meeting technical requirements: The provincial level department must meet the technical requirements, e.g., GOV.PK may be used for a high-level Provincial Department unique in the province if the province’s name is prominent in the domain name (e.g.,, etc.).

Does HosterPK Provides Domain Registration Services:

Yes, we do provide .pk domain registration services.

To request a domain registration please use the link below to order your .pk domain registration:

PK Domain Names – Best Deals On .PK Domain Registration

What are the top sites:

Here are some of the top sites in Pakistan:

  • The Official Web Gateway to Pakistan (
  • Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs (
  • Federal Board of Revenue (
  • National Database and Registration Authority (
  • National Highway Authority (
  • Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (
  • Higher Education Commission (


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