1. HosterPK Website Security Suite: SiteLock

SiteLock is a cloud-based, website security solution for small businesses. It works as an early detection alarm for common online threats like malware injections, bot attacks etc. It not only protects websites from potential online threats, but also fixes vulnerabilities. Features include:

  • Website scans to check for the presence of malicious code or vulnerabilities.
  • Automatic removal of any identified malicious code / malware.
  • Basic firewall.
  • Website reputation monitoring (check if the website is blacklisted in search engines and spam blacklists).
  • CDN to boost site speed, and hence rankings on search engine.


FeaturePlan IPlan IIPlan IIIPlan IV
Number of Pages251005002500
Daily Malware Scan
Network Scan
Daily FTP ScanX
Automatic Malware RemovalX
File Change MonitoringX
Website Application Scan1-time1-time
SQL Injection Scan1-time1-time
Cross Site Scripting (XSS)1-time1-time
Trueshield Firewall
Security Alerts
Identify Malicious Behaviour
Block Bad Bot Attacks
Search Engine Access
Comment Spam Elimination
CAPTCHA Security
Block Content "Scraping"
Blacklist Monitoring
SE Blacklist Monitoring
Spam Verification
SSL Verification
Business Verification
Phone Number Verification
Postal Address Verification
TrueSpeed CDN
Unlimited Bandwidth
Global CDN
Caching of Static Content
Compression if Static Content
Content Minification
Image Optimization
PricingRs. 150/moRs. 375/moRs. 455/moRs. 1435/mo
How to Order:Please email us at
[email protected]
Please email us at
[email protected]
Please email us at
[email protected]
Please email us at
[email protected]