I am pleased to announce that HosterPK now supports .NET framework 4.5 under our asp.net hosting packages.

Currently .NET 4.5 is supported on our WIN12 server. The update will be rolled out on other servers within a week.

To use .NET 4.5, just update the compilation tag’s targetFramework attribute to targetFramework=”4.5″ so your entry should be something like:

<compilation debug="true" targetFramework="4.5"/>

You should still be able to use .NET 4.0 by changing the targetFramework value back to 4.0.

Note that the WebsitePanel control panel may still show .NET 4.0 as selected framework under the Extensions tab in the Website Properties section. However if you update the compilation tag as described above, your application should run under the new framework.

Microsoft has rolled out .NET 4.5 as an enhancement of .NET 4.0 but it also just overwrites the files in v4.0.xxxx folder. So the upgrade is applied in-place instead of using its own separate folder. You can further read about it here.

Should you need any more info or face any problems, do not hesitate to contact our support.

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